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Types of work which require "Specialized techniques"

You can rely on us to hire worker in 14 types of industries and unskilled labor (restricted types of industries). This is a first in Japan!※Under previous regulations, Japanese companies were not allowed to hire unskilled workers.

・This time, the accommodation industries and the food services industries are the newly added type of industries required specialized techniques.
• Even if you are a foreigner without any particular skills, but with a great work attitude, there would be an opportunity to be a cfull time employee in Japan.
• It is possible to layoff in mid contract (require to support for next employment)
• No need to pay management fees to managing organization
• The company can prioritize to hire the person who completed the internship with 2nd degree of skill set and a good score.
※Previously the person who had completed a technical internship were not allowed to re-enter Japan for employment.

1. Nursing
2. Building cleaning
3. Formed and fabricated materials industry
4. Industry for manufacturing industrial equipment
5. Electric, Electronic information related industry
6. Construction*
7. Shipbuilding and related manufacturers*
8. Automotive maintenance
9. Aviation
10. Accommodation business (New)
11. Agriculture
12. Fishing industry
13. Beverage production industry
14. Food service industry(New)
*This is the field of 2nd degree of certification

■What kind of system is Specialized techniques ??

Company can directly hire foreign workers if they can speak a little Japanese and have some skill! (Restricted to 14 types of industries)

■What are the specialized techniques to qualify to stay in Japan under the new regulation implemented since April 2019?

• At least 18 years old, no educational background required
• The person who passed the Japanese language examination required for specialized techniques (or the person passed the JLPT N4)
• Passed specialized examination in each field

■Specialized techniques: Duration(Usually 5 years) 

【Qualification for staying in Japan as a worker】 UZU REAL MANPOWER AGENCY INC.URMA
• Agricultural field(6 types of jobs in 2 types of business)
• Fishing industry field (9 types of jobs in 2 types of business)
• Construction business filed(33 types of works in 22 types of business)
• Food production industry field(16 types of works in 11 types of business)
• Fabrics & apparel related industry field(22 types of works in 13 types of business)
• Machine & metal related industry field(29 types of works in 15 types of business)
• Others (26 types of works in 14 types of business) In-house certificate type jobs/skills (3 types of works in 1 type of business)
Details of the works under others (26 types of works in 14 types of business)
• Manufacturing furniture/manufacturing hand-made furniture, Printing & off set presswork, Bookbinding, Plastics molding
• Press molding works, injection molding works, inflation molding works, blow molding works
• Reinforced plastics molding, coating, building painting works, metal coating works, steel bridge painting works, spray painting works
• Welding, manual welding, semi-auto welding, industrial packing, operation of industrial packing, production of paper container/cardboard box, operation of printing box punching
• Printing box assembling works, sticking box manufacturing works, cardboard box manufacturing works, ceramics manufacturing works, mechanical throwing molding works
• Pressure cast forming works, Pad printing operation, automotive maintenance, automotive maintenance related works
• Building cleaning/Operation of building cleaning

■Types of industry which can accept technical interns, 80 types of industries/144 works (as of December 28th 2018)

・not eligible to change job or to hire to be a full time employee
・accept through "Management organization (association)"

■Technical intern: Duration (usually 3 years)

Eligibility: at least 18 year old, no needs for educational background, Ok for no skill trained